SCRIP 2000 Software Updates

As updates for Scrip 2000 become available, they will be posted here.

The current release version is 1.07e Build(10072002)

If you are running version 1.07d or lower you will want to update. This version addresses bugs from the original release and all subsequent releases. You can tell which version you are using by selecting About SCRIP 2000 from the Help menu. The About window has the version number in the lower left corner. If you have Version 1.07e Build 10072002, you do not need this update. This version includes all issues addressed in previous updates.

Issues addressed in Version 1.07e

  1. Lost cursor when tabbing through order form.
  2. Double entries on advanced accounting > contributing family sort w/details report.

Issues addressed in Version 1.07d

  1. Illegal operation crash when entering first item on an order.
  2. Advanced account losing split values when a family ID is changed.
  3. Assorted Typos
  4. Improved appearance of several reports.
  5. Threshold calculation when set very low (1-2%).

New Features in 1.07d

  1. Shipping cost report.
  2. Scrip inventory report.
  3. Advanced account error detection system.
  4. Account splits tab on order form.
  5. E-mail address blank on family setup.
  6. Vendor and Supplier forms enhanced search feature.

1.07a-c Beta release only.

Issues addressed in Version 1.06

  1. Fixed a problem with P.O. not ordering stock if an order for that item was not placed.
  2. Org Profit Detail Report, Profit Column Fixed.
  3. Address Labels now includes families that have never ordered.
  4. Changed sort on item list in the order form, now sorts by Scrip name then dollar amount.
  5. Family Profit report date sort and gross sort fixed.
  6. Record lock on P.O. was not locking the shipping field.
  7. Changed icons in some reports, they were confusing to some users.
  8. The Family Profit Itemized report is changed to show the total value of the SCRIP purchased in stead of the denomination.
  9. The Scrip Order form was allowing the user to change the assigned family after beginning to enter order items. This was causing an error in the Advanced Accounts reports.
  10. Assorted Typos fixed.

New Features in Version 1.06

  1. Advanced Accounts: Family Detail report has a "New page for each Family" option now.
  2. Advanced Accounts has an option to group contributing families now.
  3. Advanced Accounts has a new sort, Family Name.

Issues addressed in Version 1.05

  1. Remove "Splash Screen" bug.
  2. Fix bug in Pick-up reports: showing total value instead of in stock value on in stock report.
  3. Order Distribution labels now include orders taken only from stock.
  4. Student Profit Simplified report format fixed.
  5. Room Profit Teacher and Grade formats fixed.
  6. Captain Report filter fixed.
  7. Family Student Relation report formatting corrected.
  8. When adding an item using the setup as you go, [CTRL]+N is disabled.
  9. Sorting by family last name instead of ID number on accounting reports.

New features in Version 1.05

  1. Add date sort to Family profit.
  2. Add SCRIP sort to Pickup Reports.

Issues address in Version 1.04b

  1. Simplified, Itemized Family Profit Report fixed.
  2. Typos in help prompts.

Issues addressed in Version 1.04a

  1. The "No Data to Post" error corrected.
  2. Fixed a problem that occurred when ordering items for inventory.
  3. New inventory reports. Covers inventory quantity and value.

New Features in Version 1.04a

  1. Added formats for family and student reports.
  2. Added sorts to Pickup reports. Changed sorts to be by family name instead of ID

1.04: Beta release only

Issues addressed in Version 1.03d

  1. Threshold and profit settings were not changing when a data base was opened immediately after changing a profit setting.
  2. Column widths on scrip list report.
  3. Typos on several report headers.

Issues Addressed in Version 1.03c

  1. Problem with Room and Student reports. The "Report contains no data" error is fixed.

Issues Addressed in Version 1.03b

  1. A sorting error on the SCRIP order form has been corrected.
  2. Numerous typos and glitches.
  3. This version includes the updated TSA Conversion.

New Features in Version 1.03b

  1. The Organization Profit report and Family Profit Reports have been improved.
  2. Some minor features have been added. A new format for labels and new item totals on the Order and Purchase Order forms.
  3. Some new help topics regarding profit splitting have been added to the help system.

1.03 Beta release only

Issues Addressed in Version 1.02

  1. Bug fix involving changing the supplier on a scrip while the scrip has quantities to be purchased. All issues from Version 1.01 are also covered.

Issues addressed in Version 1.01:

  1. The Restore function in the SCRIP Toolbox is fixed.
  2. The Purchase Order report shows shipping methods.
  3. The Scrip ID Blank on reports is wider to allow more numbers.
  4. A bug caused when scrip suppliers are changed is fixed.
  5. The Organization Profit Report has wider columns to accommodate larger numbers.

Download instructions:

1. Click the link to the update file below.
2. Your web browser will ask if you want to save the file to disk. Select Yes.
3. Save the update file in a folder you will be able to find easily, such as the "Desktop" folder. This will place the update file right on your Desktop.
4. When the download is done, close your Internet browser, and SCRIP 2000.
5. On the Desktop or the folder where you saved the update file, double click the update file. The instruction screen will come up. Once you have read the instructions click OK.

6. The update program will ask where you want to put the files. The normal location is "C:\Program Files\SCRIP 2000". If you installed SCRIP 2000 to a different location, you will need to enter that location.

7. Click Unzip to install the update.
8. Click the Close button when the update is finished.

You are ready to run the updated version. It is safe to delete the downloaded file. If you should need to reinstall SCRIP 2000 at another time, visit the website to get the latest update.

Download the SCRIP Update Utility: s2k107e.exe (1.4 MB)